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Check out our latest video.

We have created this video mainly to show our customers how easy it is to instal our wall stickers. It also falshes out our packaging and the contents of your wall sticker parcel.

This way you'll know what you are getting before committing to buying any of our products. For other videos check our Vimeo page.

Club House Studios

We were invited to create a door sign for Club House Studios.

Their awesome team is based in a cool warehouse space in Shoreditch and their office door is very urban and unique, as it's absolutely covered in graffiti... 

The sign looks great and the team at Club House Studios was very pleased with our work. We used black matt vinyl over sparkling frost and the result was spot on!

Below the sign was still work in progress.

Small Space, Big Ideas!

As Londoners we always face the challenge of living in small spaces as the renting prices creep up every day and the trouble to find decent homes seems to increase a lot every year.

For a single person or a young couple it can get tough to find a space to live with a decent size.

But just because there is not much room it doesn’t mean you don’t think about making it look nice.

We created this temporary and affordable solution suitable for all rental homes in London. Saves you time, saves you money and it looks awesome. This vintage french dresser is one of our best sellers and the feedback has been great.

All you need to complete this look is an ikea shelf, which will cost you less than £10. 

Job done!

Family Tree Wall Decal

Show off the best photos of your happy family over our brand new Family Tree Wall Decal.

This decal is the ideal background for a wall where you want to display photos of mum, dad, kids, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles.

Instead of going for the cluttered look of a lot of frames together, organise it over the tree decal and it will look great. The frames are not included in the wall decal but you can buy them from any home accessories shop (like ikea). You can give it a vintage look by placing retro frames over it and there is enough room for all your family and pets.

Modern or vintage, it does tie the room and frames together in a very nice way.

Find out more or contact us for a special size order or other questions.