We’ve been busy!

 We teamed up with Saatchi&Saatchi London offices to try and bring parts of their offices a bit more to life and to boost their creativity by adding a bit of colour and originality to their workspaces on the Digital Department.

In summary we did a total cover up of  walls and meeting room doors using different coloured vinyl (white is just so dull when you’re brainstorming!) and numbered the meeting rooms. Also, cause we know that sometimes secrecy is the heart of the business, the big glass meeting room doors were covered with a frost vinyl so distractions can remain to a minimum.

We’ve given the crew in the Copywriting room something to express themselves by covering their workspaces with a black matt write-and-erase vinyl that allows them to scribble all over the place and quickly erase once they move on to something new.

Last but not least, we’ve decorated one of the meeting room tables with a digital printed vinyl with a vintage wood print and wrapped it up with an anti scratch seal to ensure it keeps its good looks and has a long lasting life. It was a great experience and we would like to take this opportunity and give a shout out to everybody at Saatchi that helped us out for their availability and good vibes during this. We hope to see more of them!

We’ve also been working on a few new things and we’ll be telling you everything about it over the next few weeks through our Facebook and Twitter feeds, so keep an eye out for that! 

In the meantime, enjoy the summer!

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