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  • All our products are made to order and we are positive you will love them, however the colours may be a bit different from what you expected or it may not look exactly like what you had in mind for that specic space.

    This is why we have made these designs available as samples so you can test the material, check the colours and see how it works together with other decorative elements, before committing to buying several sheets.

    Some designs are available in several products: individual squares to cover existing tiles, kitchen and bathroom backsplash panels, floor panels and stair risers strips. Each product has specific dimensions and specifications (lamination, adhesive, etc.) so please make sure you choose the correct product for the surface you need to cover.

    Please note: 
    We do not take returns on our product samples.

    What's included: 
    A 20x20 cm panel at 100% scale, with all the colours included.

    Choose a design:
    Pick a design from the menu, see pictures for reference.

  • Our Peel and Stick Backsplash Vinyl Wallpaper Panels are the perfect choice to decorate your wall in minutes. No glue, no mess, just peel off the backing and stick.
    They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms but they can also be used on any flat smooth surface, like walls, stairs, tables, bookshelves, wood, furniture, glass, etc.

    These are not suitable for floors. For floors visit our floor collection.

  • 100% Original
    Our designs are 100% original and made in-house! Our team is always looking out for the latest home decorating trends and adapting them to our DIY affordable solutions.

    Product Specifications:
    • Premium quality self-adhesive vinyl.
    • Laminated with matte media.
    • Easy to install and to remove without leaving a trace.
    • Waterproof and very easy to keep clean.
    • Realistic print with long durability.
    • Can be easily trimmed / cut to fit.

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