Birch Tree Fabric Wall Stickers Set


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  • Illustrate your child’s bedroom, nursery or playroom with our Birch tree and Animals set. These original illustrations will transform the room into a magical place surrounded by tall birch trees and forest animals.

    The detailed textured illustrations will complete the room without any need for much more, the space will become magical and sweet for your child to play and explore!

    Perfect for a nursery, playroom, classroom and children’s bedroom.

  • Available in 3 Set Sizes, see images for details:
    Set 1: 2 Trees + Elements
    Set 2: 4 Trees + Elements
    Set 3: 6 Trees + Elements

    All branches are 250cm / 98.5 inches tall.
    Clear and simple installation instructions.

  • Our Fabric Stickers are very opaque and can go on any wall colour without losing the colour vibrance.

    • EASY to install, just peel and stick.
    • Made from adhesive backed fabric, not vinyl!
    • Easy to install, remove and reposition.
    • Can be used on slightly textured walls
    (as long as the texture is not too deep or not grainy/sandy)

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