Magnolia Flowers Fabric Wall Sticker - Grayscale


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  • Magnolias are known for their graceful and fragrant flowers. Keep them blooming all year-long with our Magnolia Flowers Fabric Wall Sticker.

    This contemporary wall sticker suits any room decor, from modern spaces to more traditional decorations. It gives you a bold statement on an empty wall you want to cover but it also complements feature walls behind photographs or furniture.

    Also available in 4 other colours, see them here.


  • Included in the Set:
    3 Separate Large Magnolias (sizes range from 18”x18” and 23”x23”)
    2 Medium Magnolia Buttons (9”x12” and 5”x14”)
    2 Small Magnolias (7”x7” and 7”x6”)
    7 Separate Leaves

  • Our Fabric Stickers are very opaque and can go on any wall colour without losing the colour vibrance.

    • EASY to install, just peel and stick.
    • Made from adhesive backed fabric.
    • Easy to install, remove and reposition.
    • Can be used on slightly textured walls
    (as long as the texture is not too deep or not grainy/sandy)

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