Set of 2 Dry Wipe Planners - Birch Tree & Birds


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  • About The Product
  • Size & Specs
  • Stay organised with our dry wipe planner wall decal - Set of 2 squares. Write on it with standard whiteboard markers. All our wall planners are self-adhesive and are applied directly to the wall or any other smooth surface. They are the ideal solution for transforming a blank wall into a useful and decorative writing board. 

    What's included
    Self-Adhesive Dry Wipe Decal Set (2 squares)
    • Dry Wipe Marker - Black

    • Squeegee Tool
    • Step-by-step detailed instructions & User guide

  • Size
    2 Squares (each):
    w58 x h58 cm • w23” x h23” inches

    Easy to install & remove
    Our dry wipe planner decals are very easy to install, no experience is necessary. Simply peel and stick! Once you get tired they are also easy to remove without damaging the wall.

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