About Us

How it all started

SirFace started with a couple looking to decorate a recently rented London flat.

Rute and Max were looking for something different and unique so they decided to design some wall stickers themselves to fill the blank walls in a creative way.

The feedback received from family and friends was incredible so they decided to turn the idea into a business that could provide affordable and temporary interior décor for London tenants.

They rented an office space, designed a range of wall stickers and started by opening a shop on Etsy. The feedback was very positive so they decided to extend that online presence a bit further. You can now find SirFace wall stickers in several online platforms.

Meet the founders


Rute is the design leader. She comes up with design ideas for the product ranges and creates the bespoke designs that are requested. She takes care of the website and other interactive platforms and makes sure that the blog is updated every now and then with the latest news about SirFace.



Max is the production guru. He finds the most reliable suppliers and quality materials that make the final products at SirFace some of the best in the market. He also deals with all the machinery that produces the wall stickers and prepares the finished packed product that is shipped to every corner of the world.