Feather with Birds Wall Decal


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Liven up your walls with this Feather with Birds Wall Decal. You can place the feather as you want.Use your walls as a canvas and get creative decorating your home! Choose the space you would like to use, plan the positioning and once you get tired, remove it without leaving a trace.


1 Feather with flying birds
Free application tool
Step-by-step detailed instructions
Extra free wall decal for testing


Please select the colour from the drop down menu before adding the item to your cart. See colour chart for reference when picking the colour.


You can also choose the orientation for this design, left our right. If you choose left, the feather will bend to the left and the birds will fly to the left. If you choose right, it will flow the other way. Use the dropdown menu to choose the best option for your space.


All our designs can be custom sized. If you would like the design either bigger or smaller please contact us.

All our designs are original.