Magnolia Flowers Fabric Wall Sticker - Peach


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Magnolias are known for their graceful and fragrant flowers. Keep them blooming all year-long with our Magnolia Flowers Fabric Wall Sticker.
This contemporary wall sticker suits any room decor, from modern spaces to more traditional decorations. It gives you a bold statement on an empty wall you want to cover but it also complements feature walls behind photographs or furniture.

Our fabric stickers are very opaque and can go on any wall colour without losing the colour vibrance.

🌸 Included 🌸
3 Separate Large Magnolias (sizes range from 18”x18” and 23”x23”)
2 Medium Magnolia Buttons (9”x12” and 5”x14”)
2 Small Magnolias (7”x7” and 7”x6”)
7 Separate Leaves

🌸 Available in 5 colours 🌸
Browse our shop for all 5 colours available.

🌸 Colour Sample 🌸
Get a colour swatch pack of our popular Magnolia Flowers Wall Stickers.

Included are (5) 4" x 8" swatches of each colour:
Light Purple
Vintage Pink

They are printed on the actual peel and stick fabric so you can use them to test on your walls as well.

Additional Information

••• Every item is Made To Order just for you!

- EASY Step-by-step detailed instructions included!
- Made from adhesive backed fabric.
- Easy to install, remove and reposition.
- Can be used on slightly textured walls
(as long as the texture is not too deep or not grainy/sandy)

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