Under-the-Sea Wall Decal Sticker Set


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Let your little one explore under the sea with this oh-so-cute ocean theme nursery decor.  If you need the nursery to have an instant makeover, then this removable wall decal is perfect.  Not only will it brighten baby's room, but it will add instant character and personality. Just watch their face light up when they see this!

Ideal as a baby shower gift, the sea life removable wall decal features a whale, starfish, seahorses, octopuses, crabs, tropical fish and seaweed as well as lots of bubbles and sand.  Because this wall decal comes in separate parts, you can get really creative and place them in any position you like and it means no measuring is necessary. You'll simply love the details in this decal and it's very easy to apply.  


Whale: W72 x H46 cm (W28" x H18")
composition as shown in 1st image: W250 x H200 cm (W98" x H78")

Other sizes available, please just ask.


- octopuses
- whale
- crabs
- seahorses
- starfish
- tropical fish
- bubbles
- sand
- seaweed


- free squeegee tool for easy application
- detailed step-by-step instructions

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