This is the story of Sirface


For 7 years, the Sirface brand has been evolving and becoming a company that primes for creativity in design and making of innovative, self-adhesive, removable and very loved surface graphics. 

Founded in London, United Kingdom in 2013 by Carlos Max and Rute Gomes, Sirface started as an exploration into the concept of “bringing empty walls to life” with the help of removable wall graphics, particularly focusing on the massive flat rental industry in the city of London. Today that concept is no longer limited to walls.

Through groundbreaking production methods, constant search for the best media in the market, original in-house designs and collaboration with independent illustrators and artists, Sirface offers a range of products that are both affordable and unique. In addition to our already made designs we also work with customers to create custom wall murals and retail window graphics that we ship across the world.

In 2018 Sirface has moved to Lisbon, Portugal and since then it brings to you even more great graphic art applied to all kinds of products, and ships worldwide as before. Sirface has been fortunate enough to be a part of thousands of homes and commercial spaces throughout the world and cannot wait to be a part of yours!