Real Product Colours

We go the extra mile in our product presentation, to make sure the colours you see in your screen are the closest possible match to the actual final product. 

However, due to different monitor settings and lighting conditions we cannot guarantee that the colours you see on the screen will be a 100% match compared to the final product.

If you are doing a specific project where this is an issue we advise to get a sample of the product  first to see how it works in your space. If a sample is not available for the product you are planning to get, please send us a message and we will try to arrange one for you.

Batch Differences

We print all our products to order, so if you are planning for a project that requires more than one unit then you should order all units you will need at the same time. This will avoid slight differences in tone between the products.

    Monitor Settings

    Some monitor calibrations can make the product look brighter, darker or, sometimes, have a different shade from what is expected.

    We always do our best to adjust the product presentation images so they are as close to reality as possible, however some differences may occur.

    Lighting Conditions

    The lighting of the room will also have an impact on the final look of the print. The tone may look different under different lights.

    This happens more often in lighter colours, however we always advise to get a sample to test how it looks in the actual space.